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Contact sheets download

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Contact sheets

Contact prints are used to produce proof sheets from entire rolls of 35 mm negative (from film cassettes) and (21⁄4 film. With web galleries and iPads, I thought contact sheets would die with the darkroom, but it seems neither have. Proof multiple images on a single page. Simply select a folder that contains the images from your latest creative project. contact-sheet-.

Contact Sheets gave a new meaning to my photography workflow. The technique is nothing new; however, they are an extremely intelligent. With the rise of digital photography, the contact sheet has, in many ways, been relegated an anachronism—a vestigial relic of the medium's past. But whi. From the D-Day landings and Tiananmen Square to Salvador Dalí's flying-cat hijinks, contact sheets reveal the hidden secrets of unforgettable.

Contact sheets allow you to assess all the negatives on a roll of film before deciding which ones you want to print. Find out how to make one here.