July 15, 2015

Chapter History


In 1968, a group of friends at the University of Houston set out to form their own fraternity, not finding what they wanted among the current pool of fraternities already established at UH. The group of friends settled upon the name Sigma Tau Omega and established themselves as a local fraternity.

In 1969, realizing that they’d be better recognized if affiliated with an established national fraternity, they put a petition out to a number of national fraternities who had an interest in expanding. The Delta Upsilon Fraternity had just installed its fourth Texas chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington and was looking to expand further in Texas. An affiliation would be a perfect fit for both Sigma Tau Omega and for Delta Upsilon. DU granted the young group’s petition that same year, and Sigma Tau Omega officially became a DU Colony, Alpha Delta Upsilon.

The group existed organized themselves for another three years and continued to recruit other men on campus. Their efforts finally culminated into the establishment of the fifth DU chapter in the State of Texas. On April 28, 1973, the Houston Chapter became Delta Upsilon’s 117th chapter.

Since 1973, the Houston Chapter has had a strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, which has been a constant throughout its existence. It is a regular fixture in UH activities, including intramural, Homecoming, and Frontier Fiesta.

In 2000, the Houston Chapter was awarded the Delta Upsilon Sweepstakes Trophy, which recognizes the top chapter in Delta Upsilon for that academic year. The Houston Chapter continues to be the consistent anchor of strength for the DU presence in Texas.