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Auto delete download

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Auto delete

There are many programs that free up space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary temporary folders, but this application proposes something completely different. Cyber-D's Autodelete is a very useful tool that lets you use filters to determine which files can be deleted from. How to auto delete old files with RoboBasket. Deleting files automatically can be very useful if you want to delete old backups, old logs and clean up temp. Free Download Cyber-D's Autodelete - Auto delete old files based on rules and filters.

Auto Delete is a free tool that will let you delete files automatically from a particular folder, if they are older than a time you can decide at. Windows only: If you're prone to leaving files to linger in your designated download folder and never quite getting around to deleting them. AutoDelete is a sandbox setting in Sandboxie Ini. It is typically specified as AutoDelete=yes, and indicates that the contents of the sandbox should be.

Cookie Auto Delete is a lite addon that help you quickly erase cookies for a tab when it closes (Tab-Only mode). Moreover, you can set the. You can enable auto delete of data from a laptop that has not connected to inSync Server for a specified number of days. This feature is controlled through.