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Switch your active developer directory to the correct one as opposed to the one that was chosen (the one in the error message) when brew. HOWTO: Using FileMerge (opendiff) with Git on OSX. FileMerge (opendiff) can really come in handy when you need to visually compare merging conflicts. git config --global opendiff. git config --global ' opendiff "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"'. git config --global opendiff. git config .

You'll need to configure opendiff as your global # locate xcode utilities sudo xcode-select -switch. Comparing files: FileMerge, opendiff, and BBEdit. Comparing two text files is one of those fundamental tasks which never seems to go away. Use Opendiff as default git difftool. Nishant Samel – Jul 28, – githubdifftool. Recently while working on tight scheduled project, I came across a scenario.

FileMerge (also known as opendiff). Recently a developer colleague of mine was asking about diff tools. We let him know that he can use. Lucky for me, opendiff is my default merge resolution tool here even though I have not configured my mergetool. But if you're like Nicole, where. at merge any file i see in console opendiff: does not exist how fix it? in preferences diff select fileMerge. If you're after a graphical diff command, you should give Meld a go. It's a visual diff and merge tool. I think it is present by default on Ubuntu.