July 15, 2015

Rush FAQs

What is a fraternity?
A fraternity is an organization usually found on college campuses. Fraternities can be founded for social, academic, philanthropic or many other reasons. Typically fraternities have all male members.

What makes Delta Upsilon different?
Delta Upsilon is the only non-secret, non-hazing, non-sectarian fraternity at the University of Houston. This means that all of our rituals are open to the public, hazing goes against who we are, and we choose men of merit regardless of race or creed.

What is rush?
Fraternities are able to rush or recruit all semester long. Male rushees are able to visit any fraternity they wish. During rush, fraternities may extend you a bid.

What is a bid?
A fraternity may extend interested candidates a bid or “invitation” to join the fraternity.

What does it mean to pledge?
A pledge (Associate Member) is someone who has accepted a bid with a Greek organization. Each Greek organization has different requirements for pledges to become full Brothers.

What is the Delta Upsilon pledge process?
Our pledge process lasts for 8 weeks. At the beginning of the process, all Associate Members are informed of the requirements needed in order to initiate. These include: Completing interviews with all of the active Brothers, all of the Executive board, and at least 5 alumni, including one specific alumnus. Pass all pledge quizzes and the final test with a score of 90% or higher. Pass final vote. Have a zero ($0.00) balance with the Chapter. Complete at least 7 hours of individual community service. Be able to clearly demonstrate that you fully understand the Principles and ideals of Delta Upsilon.

How will joining Delta Upsilon affect my grades?
We take academics very seriously. All Associate Members are required to complete a number of study hours of week based on their individual class schedule. Any Brother who makes below the All-Male’s Average are required to complete weekly study hours. Failure to do so will result the Brother or Associate Member to be brought before Academic Review Board. The Academic Review Board will then take any and all action deemed necessary to ensure the Brother or Associate Member to succeed academically. Study groups are a common occurrence at our Chapter house.

Do you have any events coming up this semester?
Yes! You can our VP of Recruitment, Ryan Amendt at 281-910-1583 to find out our events or speak to any brother.

I need more information, what do I do?
If you need more information on Rush or anything involving Rush, simply contact our VP of Recruitment Ryan Amendt at 281-910-1583, our President Alec Zorich at 832-545-2862, or fill out the Rush Form here.