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Ios 5 whited00r iphone 3g download

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Ios 5 whited00r iphone 3g

Whited00r brings iOS 5 to iPhone 3G. Have an older generation iPhone 3G or 2G? If so, you're stuck on older legacy iOS versions with. There's no reason your face has to be so flushed, though. Thanks to Whited00r, you can get iOS 5's best features on your old iPod touch or iPhone 3G. So, if you own an older iPhone or iPod touch, there is no longer a need to be jealous of iOS 5. You can get most of the features iOS 5 offers via.

Last Summer, Apple unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5. The update contained more than new features. Custom iOS firmware for iPhone and iPod Touch. Available on: iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPod Touch 1G iPod Touch 2G - MB out of 5 stars. A new hack called Whited00r allows iOS 5 to be installed on the original iPhone and iPhone 3G devices, as well as the early iPod touch.

A new software, dubbed Whited00r, will let you install portions of iOS 5 on the first two generations of the iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and even your.