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Nexstorm download

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Our flagship application NexStorm is an advanced lightning detection and analysis interface for use with the Boltek™ Corporation range of personal lightning. Features. • Automatically create and ftp screenshots for posting on a website • Send out email alerts with TSentry addon • Optional StormVue NGX Adobe Flash . NexStorm Lite is a Windows bit multi-threaded application utilizing the Microsoft Windows preemptive multitasking capabilities in the most.

A brand new piece of software by Astrogenic. NexStorm takes a fresh new approach to data display and analysis from the Boltek lightning detector range. NexStorm version or later features support for a new proprietary vector based map format called the Composite Vector Map, or CVM for short. This text. Map Legend. Nexstorm can identify the direction and type of lightning, and to some extent, the distance. Cloud to Ground is obviously much more dangerous.

Lightning. Note: Do not use for human safety or protection of property purposes. No thunderstorms detected. NexStorm Display. StrikeStar is client/server system, exclusively designed for the NexStorm software and Boltek hardware. StrikeStar allows multiple, standalone lightning detectors.