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Syncrometer basics dvd download

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Syncrometer basics dvd

Chemicals are a fact of Modern Life, however, they don't have to be a part of YOUR life. Use the Syncrometer® to test the foods you eat and the products that are. Carmen Myers explains how to use the Syncrometer. Special Guest: Dr. Hulda Clark, english. Syncrometer Basics DVD Learn how to use and make a Syncrometer! Watch Carmen Myers and Dr. Clark teaching a class on the Syncrometer! This item is a .

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for "Syncrometer Basics" DVD at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. by Carmen Myers & Dr. Hulda R. Clark, Ph.d., N.D. This DVD offers detailed instructions on the use of a Syncrometer, including how to build one. Instructor. If you haven't done so, read Syncrometer Basics. The Syncrometer is based on principles of Bio-resonance. These principles do not correspond to those of.

SYNCROMETER BASICS. Dr. Clark's passion for the radio brought her to understand that not only the human body broadcasts electrically just like a radio. Browse our library of Dr. Clark books and supplemental DVDs and CDs to help you on your journey of healing. Understand Syncrometer Basics (DVD) $